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Within 48 hours you’ll receive a confirmation and we only recommend firms that are pre-approved.

  • It’s quick & free
  • safe & secure
  • approved & recommended Advisers only
Mortgage Advice

Finding the perfect mortgage for you.

Getting or changing a mortgage can be a stressful experience, raising many complex questions and decisions. Finding a mortgage suited to your unique circumstances will have big implications for your livelihood, disposable income and life opportunities, for many years to come. Possibly for the rest of your life.

Whether you are looking to switch mortgages, take out a new mortgage or become a first-time buyer, we can connect you with a local, recommended and qualified mortgage broker. Our process is completely free, easy, fast and secure. Our partners ensure you have the best strategies in place for your situation and goals, helping you make the most out of every opportunity in front of you.

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Mortgage Advice

Planning your home for the future

There’s lots to consider when it comes to finding the right mortgage. The housing market, interest rates, future market trends and potential pitfalls. The list goes on. The more informed you are of the opportunities and threats involved with a mortgage deal you are considering, the more peace of mind you will have.

A solid mortgage plan will help you achieve your goals, whether that’s improving your disposable income, maximising your flexibility or preparing for your later years. Our recommended mortgage brokers will help you assess your options, giving you the tools you need to discern the best path ahead.

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Independent Mortgage Advisers

Covering a range of mortgage advice including...

First time buyers

Getting a mortgage isn’t just about getting the best rate, or deal. It’s about knowing where to look, and increasing your acceptance chances too. Speak to adviser today to find out your options.


Taking out a new mortgage – either to borrow against your property, or to replace your current plan – is a decision best taken with expert advice. Get in touch to speak with an adviser today.

Equity release

It is possible to obtain a steady income stream or lump sum, using your house or other asset with capital value. Find out if equity release is the best option for you to take.

Fixed rate mortgages

Thinking of a fully amortizing loan (i.e. Where the note’s interest rate stays constant over the loan’s term)? Get impartial mortgage advice to fully know the opportunities and pitfalls.

Variable-rate mortgages

Also known as adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) or tracker mortgages, this changes the interest rate on your loan based on an index. Get in touch to speak to a specialist in this area of mortgages.

Shared appreciation mortgages

For some people, a shared appreciation mortgage (SAM) can work. Here, your lender will accept some or all payment by taking a share of your property’s value increase (appreciation).

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